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Inversion Tables

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One such product is the Inversion Table.


I want to start off by saying that this is not a “treatment” for lower back pain, or pain in general. It is a good regimen to get into to help with the stress of daily life.


Most of you remember the “moonboot” like boots that hooked onto a bar that you could hang upside down from, this is like that but easier and safer to use.


The purpose of the Inversion Table is to help open up the disc space between the vertebrae.


Disc space can be diminished as you age as a result of gravity and wear and tear through the years.


Discs are like cushion between each vertebra that is full of water and as you sit or stand throughout the day it gets compressed. That’s why at the end of the day you come home achy and stiff and all you want to do is veg out.


Sleeping at night helps to restore disc height, but you need all those hours of sleep to allow the fluids to build back up. The Inversion Tables allow for optimal stretching of the spine to let the disc space increase in a lot less time than sleeping horizontally.


Disc problems can be some of the most painful and frustrating problems.


 With an Inversion Table added into your routine and regular visits to the chiropractor you can help reduce your suffering.


Some other benefits of the Inversion Table:

  • Help keep your height
  • Improve circulation
  • Relieve mental stress as well as mechanical
  • Strengthen your core without loading your back
  • Improve balance


Just like when starting out anything new, start light. Don’t start out crazy… your body will need time to adjust to being in the upside down position. It is possible to get a migraine if you stay inverted to long at first because your body will have to get used to pumping blood differently from your head. Also, there is the possibility of muscle soreness.


Don’t be nervous though it is super easy and safe. If you are worried most tables come with instructions or a video you can watch.


You decide how far you want to go back and for how long so it’s all controlled by you. Only do as much as you’re comfortable with.  


This is supposed to be relaxing!  


There is no risk of injuring yourself: your back is well supported and feet secured. 


Again I stress this no quick fix for your back pain. Disc problems take time to create and time to get better.


I feel Inversion Tables can reduce suffering and help promote better posturing so the pain doesn’t seem as extreme.


Here is one I recommend for you to try Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table

This one is well built, easy to use and assemble, and most importantly safe. There is no need to spend hundreds on a table, after all “hanging upside down, is hanging upside down!”


Enjoy reduced stress and better health!

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